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Ayr is a town in Queensland, Australia near the delta of the Burdekin River, named after the Scottish town of Ayr by the settlers from the United Kingdom. It is within the Burdekin Shire, which produces the most sugar cane per square kilometre in Australia utilising underground water supplies and water from the Burdekin Dam to irrigate crops when rains fail.

Ayr is located 88 km south of Townsville on the Bruce Highway and 12 km away from the (smaller) town of Home Hill. It is 112 km north ofBowen and 290 km north of Mackay. Ayr has a population of approximately 8,000. It has the usual chain stores, ten pin bowling, a toyshop, cinema, 6 pubs as well as a range of sports, electrical and fashion stores. Ayr has several banks including the Commonwealth, ANZ, Suncorp,National and Bendigo Bank. Alva beach, a popular area for fishing and swimming, is located 16 km east of Ayr.

Ayr has several state primary schools (Ayr, East Ayr, Kalamia and several others in surrounding areas) and two non-government primary schools, St Francis School (Catholic) and Burdekin Christian College. Ayr has one state high school and one non-government high school. Ayr State High School was the 8th public secondary high school in Queensland. The non-government high school is called the Burdekin CatholicHigh School.

A wide variety of sports are played in Ayr, including Touch football, which is competitive and draws an increasing number of participants each year, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, tennis and golf. Netball and Table Tennis (ping pong) are also popular. The Ayr Surf Life Saving club is a small yet highly established club boasting a number of past and present skilled members and competitors.

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