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Where is Bairnsdale?

Bairnsdale is the regional and commercial centre of East Gippsland. The Bairnsdale area is famous for its beautiful forests and rivers, extensive inland lake system and coastline, quaint villages and alpine regions.

Work in the Bairnsdale area occurs throughout the year, with the majority of opportunities from Spring through to Autumn. In the warmer months, take care to keep hydrated and wear clothing to protect you from the sun. You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness as the work includes picking, packing and some bending, especially for asparagus. You will generally require your own transport as there is no public transport service available from Bairnsdale. In addition, Bairnsdale hosts two major food producers, Vegco and Patties who often seek casual workers.

Places to visit

St Mary's Church with its famous frescos, the 1893 Court House, East Gippsland Art Gallery, Historical Museum, one of several gorges in the area, the Den of Nargun, Krowthunkoolong Keeping Place, the Canoe Tree, heritage walks, Macleod's Morass, Mitchell River walk. In the area there are district wineries, art galleries, Buchan Caves, Fairy Dell, Paynesville and Raymond Island, Lakes Entrance, Gippsland Lakes and the East Gippsland Rail Trail.

Job Agency in Bairnsdale

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  • Gippsland Employment
  • Suite 5 Campbell's Arc Bairnsdale VIC 3875
  • (03) 5153 2642