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Innisfail is a town located in the far north of the state of Queensland, Australia, which until 1910 was known as Geraldton. It is the major township of the Cassowary Coast and is well renowned for its sugar and banana industries, as well as for being one of Australia's wettest towns. In March 2006 Innisfail gained worldwide attention when severe Tropical Cyclone Larry passed over causing extensive damage.

Job Agency in Innisfail

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  • Adress
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  • Cassowary
  • 14 Fitzgerald Esplanade Innisfail QLD 4860
  • (07) 4061 6827
  • Casco.org.au
  • Qite
  • 1 Edith Street Innisfail QLD 4860
  • (07) 4061 6666