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Where is Moree?

The town of Moree is located adjacent to the banks of the Mehi River. Its open, flat flood-plain black soils provide ideal growing conditions for wheat and other cereals, cotton, oil seed crops and in more recent times, pecan nuts and olives. Australia's 'Artesian Spa' capital, Moree has two hot artesian spas(bore baths) in town, providing a great tourist attraction for the area as well.

Places to visit

Moree Artesian Spa Baths (hot bore baths), Visitor Centre, historic walking trail, Moree Plains Gallery, Cotton Gin, Amaroo Tavern DC3, Mary Brand Park, historic cemetery,weirs and swimming spots, Waa Gorge, Devil's Waterholes and the pecan nut farm.

Job Agency in Moree

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  • Alpha Workforce
  • 6 James Street Moree NSW 2400
  • (02) 6752 4712