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Where is Robinvale?

Robinvale is located on the Murray River north west of Melbourne. Originally a wheat growing area, the town developed when the railway arrived in 1924. Many street names were associated with theatres of war from WWI, and the town was named after the son of one of the town's founders who was killed whilst serving in France as an airman. The connection with ex-servicemen continued with the further development of the area through soldier settlement after WWII, when irrigation farms were set up to grow vines, citrus, fruit tree crops and vegetables. The area now is a significant producer of table grapes and vegetables.

Includes Wemen, Bannerton, Happy Valley and Boundary Bend.

Places to visit

Bumbang Island, Robinvale Windmill, Belsar Island, Euston Weir, Fish Ladder, Robinswood and Murrumbidgee Junction.

Job Agency in Robinvale

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  • Mildura Harvest Labour
  • Robinvale VIC 3549
  • (03) 5026 4300