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St George

St George is a town of approximately 2,400 people in Queensland, Australia. The town is 390 kilometres (240 mi) due west of Brisbane and the Gold Coast and sits just inside the region of South West Queensland, Australia. It is the administrative centre for the Shire of Balonne. It was named by Major Thomas Mitchell who crossed the Balonne River on St George's Day, 23 April 1846. At the 2006 census, St George had a population of 2,410.

It sits at the junction of several highways including the Castlereagh Highway, the Moonie Highway, the Carnarvon Highway and the Balonne Highway. The only crossing of the Balonne River is the Andrew Nixon Bridge on the Balonne Highway. St George is on the Balonne River which is reputedly an excellent fishing site for fish such as the Murray cod. .

Job Agency in St George

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  • Mission Australia
  • 78 St Georges Terrace St George QLD 4487
  • (07) 4671 0475
  • Skill Centred
  • 138 Victoria Street St George QLD 4487
  • (07) 4625 1095