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Toowoomba (nicknamed 'The Garden City') is a city in Southern Queensland, Australia. It is located 127 km (79 mi) west of Queensland's capital city, Brisbane. With an estimated district population of 131,258, Toowoomba is Australia's second most populous inland city and the most populous non-capital inland city.

A university and cathedral city, Toowoomba hosts the Australian Carnival of Flowers each September, and Easterfest is held annually over the Easter weekend. There are more than 150 public parks and gardens in Toowoomba. It has developed into a regional centre for business and government services.

Job Agency in Toowoomba

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  • Valtalina Recruitment
  • 128 Herries Street Toowoomba QLD 4350?
  • (07) 4638 7757
  • Valtalina.com